Hello! So nice to meet you.


One of my first memories as a child is pulling my parents camera's off the shelves - wasting film and polaroid cartridges as I experimented with dials and shutters in an attempt to capture moments of incredible importance to a tiny me. I've wanted to be a photographer as long as I can remember and feel lucky that I've been able to actualize my dreams. 

I began shooting seriously in middle and high school and worked as a second shooter to a wedding photographer for a spell as a teenager. I studied photography at Columbia College Chicago before beginning to work professionally and in adulthood my career behind the camera has had several evolutions.  

As a day-dreamer and light chaser with a cerebral side and knack for organization I'm able to see my clients as my muse and execute their visions with skill and expertise through photographs and storytelling. As a producer, I'm able to translate another creative teams ideas into executable art and content with considerable ease. I like a challenge and believe that beauty and possibility exists in all things. 

I'm currently accepting new photography clients and commissions, freelance production gigs, and have my speaking schedule open through fall of 2018.

I'd love to create, engage, and make a bit of magic with you. Shall we?